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Afflatus HR is specialized in recruiting for higher level positions. If your organization is looking for hiring good leaders as the part of their growth strategy Afflatus HR has a solution. We align for your organization a pool of leaders as per you aspiration.

At Afflatus HR we bring together market research and expertise to provide our clients with highly skilled and motivated leaders.


When a company is hiring, they need to ensure that they hire the right employees, Follow steps that include application forms, testing, interviewing, reference checks and health exams.

Afflatus HR make sure you are a qualified candidate that has the necessary skills for the job.  From technical skills to Managing a team & communication skills level check.

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A recruitment process is an organization-specific model of candidate sourcing for the purpose of finding and hiring new employees.

Afflatus HR planning involves to draft a comprehensive job specification for the vacant position, outlining its major and minor responsibilities; the skills, experience and qualifications ; grade and level of pay etc.


Afflatus HR management extend throughout your recruitment process from leads to hires, you need to foster long-term relationships with candidates.

By using candidate relationship management we increase production and streamline your workflow. Here are some common functions of a Afflatus HR:

We Schedule events, such as phone calls, emails, and interviews.


Employee branding shapes employees’ behavior so that they project the brand identity of their organization’s. Afflatus HR propose a conceptual model of the employee branding process in which the employee brand image is driven by the messages employees receive and the mechanisms within employees’ psyche.

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Hiring your first employee is a huge step for your start-up.
The challenge is two fold: finding incredible talent and then making them want to join your team. Afflatus HR have been doing the impossible task of hiring way to search “talent class”.  According to Afflatus HR recruitment management, “Hire an attitude, not just qualification”.

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Why Choose Afflatushr

Recruitment challenges can make it difficult for you to find candidates.  Afflatus HR transformed the way employers recruit and manage talent, faces new challenges & hiring the best talent for Organisation.

Afflatus HR believes in quality recruitment by incorporating best procedures and resource conceptions. We bring the finest talent to you that can occupy permanent roles in your organization by putting ourselves in your shoes.

  1. Understanding requirements of clients.
  2. Researching about the requirements of the clients
  3. Creating a skeleton of skilled employee
  4. Conducting various stages of interview
  5. Checking employee background
  • To provide assigned work in promised time
  • To cross check candidate’s background through multiple mediums
  • To provide diligent results on each assignment
  • To value each and every candidate and client
  • To offer advanced expertise throughout the assignment

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