Leadership Hiring

Afflatus HR processes for higher level positions, the process of connecting the human potential with the ambition of business. If your organization is looking at hiring good leaders as the part of your growth strategy Afflatus HR is your solution. We get you the appropriate alignment of leaders as per the aspiration with the direction of your organization. At Afflatus HR, we bring market research and expertise network of a great combination of manpower to our clients for identifying suitable leaders to their organization.

c level hiring
Senior / Middle Level Hiring

Hiring is a key element in the success of a company, hiring in the middle-level is equally important as hiring for the senior level .

Apart from regular fitment factor check we ensure below key traits when conducting for Senior / Middle-Level Hiring

We check first on, how the person being recruited is able to translate strategy of top level management.

How are they able to develop and implement activities?

How good they are in supervising junior staff and allocate resources.

Are they able to motivate and encourage employee cooperation?

How do they manage up and out?

IT Recruitment

The use of technology is very vital in the maximization and realization of profits in any organization.  Reviewing the resume of maybe one coder to the other is one thing and personal evaluation is another in. Afflatus HR use an addition of steps to do the right IT Recruitment for your company like

  1. Is this person’s skillset what you need? If you need an architect, are they an architect or simply a programmer?
  2. How senior are they?
  3. Do they have experience in your industry?
  4. Do they have the IT and business tools to get the job done?
  5. Have they done similar things to what you need them to do in this job?
  6. Flexibility to work in a changing environment

Once it is known how many with what qualifications of candidates are required, the next step involved in this regard is to devise a suitable strategy for recruiting the candidates in the organization.

Candidate Relationship Management

Stakeholder relationship is very important in any company Candidate relationship management is a method for managing and improving relationships with current and potential future job candidates.

We Schedule events, such as phone calls, emails, and interviews.
Record notes about job orders and candidates
set up reminders
Manage email marketing
Import and track recruiting data

By using candidate relationship management we increase production and streamline your workflow

Employee Branding

Employee branding is a major element in hiring practices, it is all about turning employees into brand ambassadors encouraging and motivating them to believe in the brand and educating them professionally on what they can say to their friends and colleges about your brand.

Afflatus HR proposes a conceptual model of the employee branding process in which the employee brand image is driven by the messages employees receive and the mechanisms within employees’ psyches that enable them to make sense of those messages.

Example of a process of telling the fit employee in your branding is the evaluation of the following;

  • They know their role inside-out
  • They’ll go above and beyond for customers
  • They’re communicative
  • They give their all
  • They treat all employees the same, regardless of rank
  • They’re a relaxed and engaging colleague

Our model specifies the consequences of the employee branding process and describes a feedback loop through which managers can monitor the process.

businessman drawing startup concept on concrete wall
Hiring For Start up

Hiring your first employee is a huge step for your start-up. You always need stakeholders who are ready to punch above their weight
The challenge is two fold: finding incredible talent and then making them want to join your team.
Afflatus HR have been doing the impossible task of hiring way to search “talent class”.  According to Afflatus HR recruitment management, “Hire an attitude, not just qualification”.